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5 tips on different social media to maintain brand consistency

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As the recent foibles of Aflac, Chrysler andKenneth Cole and others demonstrate, keeping an up-to-date, 24/7 presence on social media has its risks. A bigger risk though, is to ignore social media. So what is a brand to do?
Experts in this new, uncharted territory offer a few guidelines. Some of this, not surprisingly, harkens back to Branding 101, though that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. After all, what works on print or TV is likely to apply at some level to Facebook and Twitter, too.
For anyone pondering the idea of maintaining brand consistency across social media, here are a few pointers from people in the trenches, including Michael Sunden, director of the New York office of branding firm Landor Associates, Sarah Hofstetter, senior vice president, emerging media and brand strategy at digital agency 360i, and Brian Clark, CEO of GMD Studios.

1. Establish Your Brand Voice

This is fairly basic stuff, but before you go out onTwitter and Facebook to promote your brand, you have to decide what exactly your brand stands for. How? "You need to find a mission, principles and a standard for what drives your brand," Sunden says. "All those personality descriptions." For instance, the personality traits for Apple might be "innovative, user-friendly and well-designed," but you wouldn't include "open" in that list, or "edgy." Diesel, meanwhile, would be "edgy," but not necessarily "dependable" or "valuable for the money," so communications across all media should reflect that.

2. Invite Commentary Instead of Chest-Thumping

Says Hofstetter: "The Internet provides the landscape for user endorsement at scale, where everyone can, and does, have a voice — and they use it. If people know what your brand 'means' to them, and they witness positive actions and have positive experiences with the brand, then they can talk about you in a way you never could." And yes, that means that they might trash your brand. Here, you might take a cue from ad agency JWT, which recently launched a practice it calls "Brand Journalism," which is actually a social media-based form of public relations. For example, JWT ran a campaign in 2009 on behalf of Microsoft to "set the record straight" when chatter was trending negative. Not everyone's a fan of Brand Journalism, but proponents say it's an authentic way to maintain dialogue with the target audience. It's also an improvement on the pre-social media practice of putting out one sunny message to TV, print and banner ads and then ignoring consumers' criticism — a practice Clark calls "Fire and Forget."

3. Be Relevant

Clark likens branding in social media to running a political campaign, in that brands have to stay on message when they can, but then divert from that message when the news of the day dictates the narrative. For instance, the Red Cross recently used its Twitter feed to cheekily reference Charlie Sheen's rantings while still staying on message:

Of course, brands have to be very careful in taking this approach, as evidenced by Kenneth Cole's ham-handed comments over the Egyptian crisis. "You need to realize a strategy that combines the proactive with the reactive," Clark says of brands. "Social media really punishes [brands] if they don't."

4. Don't Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion

"A foolish consistency," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is the hobgoblin of little minds." Or, as Hofstetter says, "Consistency results in matching luggage, which doesn't allow you to adapt to the medium." It may sound like semantics, but Hofstetter says the difference between consistency (bad) and cohesion (good) is that the latter "means telling a story that hangs together in an appropriate way depending on where you are and who you're talking to." In other words, cohesion is a bit looser than consistency and involves rallying your messaging around a brand principle (see #1). For example, 360i client Oscar Mayer's message is "good mood and good food," so the brand's message on Facebook, Twitter and even its Wienermobile is all about that. The Kraft Foods brand's Facebook Page, for instance, currently cites the "Top Do-Gooders" who report their five-plus good deeds per day to the site in hopes of getting $100,000 (to help charities in their communities, naturally) and a ride in the Weinermobile.

5. Know Your Audience

This is also fairly basic, but Sunden says that its important to study your audience. Social media provides a wealth of information about what the target demographic is interested in, so use that information to develop a content strategy. In doing so, you may find that that you have to tweak the strategy a bit because of new information. For example, just as Starbucks appeared to be losing its mojo (around the time CEO Howard Schultz returned), the company set up a site where customers could submit ideas to make the brand better. The site is still up and running. What drove Starbucks to make such a move? Sure, it was good PR, but the company was also at what Clark calls a "point of pain." It's in those tough times that brands tend to get innovative, Clark says. The ultimate example of this is Apple, which, before its latest decade-plus winning streak, was something of an industry basket case. All of which is a nice way of saying that Aflac, Chrysler and Kenneth Cole are poised for a bit of innovation right now.

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當你的品牌Facebook頁面正式上線後,你面臨第一個難題:「要怎麼做才能持續吸引粉絲的注意力並維持與顧客間的對話?」由於越受歡迎的發文越能出現在粉絲的動態消息中,動態消息優化(News Feed optimization)成為品牌經營Facebook頁面的一項重要策略。以下十大技巧將幫助你的品牌發佈能成功吸引粉絲注意的動態消息,解決品牌「今天該在Facebook頁面上發佈什麼消息才好」的困擾:

1. 不要自動發佈部落格或Twitter的發文

2. 「人性化」你的發文

3. 多多發佈影片與照片
4. 讓你的粉絲「當家做主」


6. 多向粉絲提出問題

7. 注意發文的數量與時間

8. 建立品牌獨到的發文風格

9. 多元化發文內容

10. 追蹤流量


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海地地震三星期後,這群工程師實際到災區去進行了五天的危機處理教育,回到總公司之後,便向Google創辦人Larry Page和Sergey Brin極力提倡,為賑災設置一個永久且專門的團隊,而兩位創辦人也欣然同意,Google危機處理團隊現在於是為一個全球單位,參與的工程師大多來自總公司和紐約,但也有來自全球各地成員,以確保隨時待命。這個團隊也不斷改善危機處理速度:從2010年1月的海地地震、2月的智利強震、今年2月的紐西蘭地震、到最近的日本強震,尋人工具推出的時間,分別是災後3天、1天、3小時、和1小時,此次日本地震更已登記有將近32萬筆資料,比之前所有資料數總和還多。





Mashable Shared Story

Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S.

Form: Charlie White | Mar 20, 2011

Anyone who wants to rank socially networked cities is going to be in for a fight. But the brave souls at Men'sHealth aren't shying away from a tussle, placing the top 100 most socially networked cities in order for all to see.
How did they do it? It appears to be a fair and scientifically valid procedure. First, Men'sHealthfigured out each city's LinkedIn and Facebookusers per capita, and then tapped theNetProspex marketing database to figure out each location's amount of overall Twitter usage.
Not stopping there, the next step was to consult online ad network Chitika to quantify traffic fromMySpaceFriendsterReddit and Digg, and finally, SimplyMap helped determine the percentage of households using chat rooms and blogs.
The list below is as much a study of how to find this information as it is a valid assessment of which city has the bragging rights to calling itself The Capital of Social Networking. Speaking of capital, who knew our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., would be at the top of the list, or that Milwaukee (#45), the location ofMashable's humble Midwest Test Facility, would rate higher than the mighty New York City (#53), home of Mashable HQ?
See how your city ranks, and feel free to trash-talk those other lesser bergs in the comments.
Most socially networked
1 Washington, DC A+
2 Atlanta, GA A+
3 Denver, CO A+
4 Minneapolis, MN A+
5 Seattle, WA A+
6 San Francisco, CA A
7 Orlando, FL A
8 Austin, TX A
9 Boston, MA A
10 Salt Lake City, UT A-
11 Cincinnati, OH A-
12 Raleigh, NC A-
13 Burlington, VT A-
14 Portland, OR B+
15 Madison, WI B+
16 Dallas, TX B+
17 Portland, ME B
18 Sacramento, CA B
19 Aurora, CO B
20 Boise, ID B
21 Charlotte, NC B
22 Wilmington, DE B
23 Oakland, CA B
24 St. Louis, MO B
25 Las Vegas, NV B
26 Columbus, OH B
27 San Diego, CA B
28 San Jose, CA B
29 St. Paul, MN B-
30 Plano, TX B-
31 Tampa, FL B-
32 Nashville, TN B-
33 Los Angeles, CA B-
34 Phoenix, AZ B-
35 Newark, NJ B-
36 Miami, FL B-
37 Norfolk, VA C+
38 Richmond, VA C+
39 Chicago, IL C+
40 Durham, NC C+
41 Colorado Springs, CO C+
42 Des Moines, IA C+
43 Jersey City, NJ C+
44 Indianapolis, IN C+
45 Milwaukee, WI C+
46 Fargo, ND C+
47 Columbia, SC C+
48 Houston, TX C+
49 Philadelphia, PA C+
50 Birmingham, AL C+
51 Cleveland, OH C+
52 Kansas City, MO C
53 New York, NY C
54 Greensboro, NC C
55 Reno, NV C
56 Manchester, NH C
57 Providence, RI C
58 Baltimore, MD C
59 Little Rock, AR C
60 Louisville, KY C
61 Sioux Falls, SD C-
62 Omaha, NE C-
63 Pittsburgh, PA C-
64 Baton Rouge, LA C-
65 Lexington, KY C
66 Wichita, KS C-
67 Anchorage, AK C-
68 Lincoln, NE C-
69 Cheyenne, WY D+
70 New Orleans, LA D+
71 Tucson, AZ D+
72 Buffalo, NY D+
73 Honolulu, HI D+
74 Santa Ana, CA D+
75 Charleston, WV D+
76 Oklahoma City, OK D+
77 Virginia Beach, VA D+
78 Winston-Salem, NC D+
79 Tulsa, OK D+
80 Albuquerque, NM D
81 Fort Worth, TX D
82 San Antonio, TX D
83 Jackson, MS D
84 Chesapeake, VA D
85 Jacksonville, FL D
86 Riverside, CA D
87 Memphis, TN D-
88 St. Petersburg, FL D-
89 Toledo, OH D-
90 Corpus Christi, TX D-
Least socially networked
91 Billings, MT D-
92 Fort Wayne, IN D-
93 Bridgeport, CT D-
94 Detroit, MI D-
95 Fresno, CA F
96 Bakersfield, CA F
97 Lubbock, TX F
98 Stockton, CA F
99 Laredo, TX F
100 El Paso, TX F

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1. 群體傳訊

2. 名譽引擎

3. QR Codes
雖然這個概念已經不算新,技術相對簡單也已經發展超過十年,但卻是一直到了最近,才真正開始滲透主流市場,而不論它將獲得多少掃描次數,可以確定的是,QR Codes在2011年的應用將逐漸增加。

4. 為創業而生的新興公司
LaunchRock讓新創公司現在只需要幾分鐘,就可以方便省事地創立自己的登陸頁面(landing page)。這類型的公司都收集用戶的聯絡資訊,承諾用戶若是願意宣傳自己的註冊,便能使用它們的beta公開測試版。聰明的行銷人員應該要知道,越來越多用戶都渴求成為早期採用者,而2011年將出現為創業而生的新興公司熱潮,像LaunchRock這樣的公司將能獲取注意並收集資料。

5. 問答網站

2011年3月14日 星期一


就像下圖一樣,現在在你的搜尋結果 Catched(頁庫存檔)的後方,會多一條"Block all XXX.com results"可以點擊,

點擊後,你會收到一個確認訊息,問你是否要保留這個設定。不管你有沒有登入你的Google帳戶,搜尋結果的後方都會顯示"Block all XXX.com results"可點擊,但要獲得擋的效果則必須登入你的帳戶,

3  4


2011年3月10日 星期四



對品牌而言,Instagram的搜尋與瀏覽功能提供了迅速又簡單的方式來向朋友分享視覺內容。在今年一月,Instagram與Charity: Water、Brisk Iced Tea與美國國家公共廣播電台(NPR)合作,推出新的「hashtags」功能,這三家廠商各自發揮創意,運用Instagram的新功能來行銷品牌或議題。

為了喚起消費者的關懷意識,非營利組織Charity: Water邀請使用者拍攝與「水」相關的照片,並tag上「#charitywater」;美國國家公共廣播電台則向使用者徵求能表達「愛」與「仇恨」的影像;Brisk Iced Tea則發出戰帖,要使用者上傳tag有「#briskpic」的照片,贏家將在這個月於奧斯汀舉辦的SXSW音樂季中揭曉,獲選的照片會被放上產品包裝,活動舉辦至今已吸引使用者上傳超過1,500張照片。

其他品牌也各出奇招來吸引使用者的注意:星巴克咖啡向它在Instagram上的5,500名粉絲分享在企業總部與分店所舉辦活動的照片;Levi's Brazil上傳街頭潮男靚女穿著牛仔褲的照片,並選出其中一些作品,標上「本日最佳臀部」;時裝品牌Kate Spade則快照它的旗下產品、iTunes上的歌曲與紐約市內的地標,並將這些照片上傳至Twitter與Tumblr等平台上。

儘管各家品牌行銷方式各異,但他們都同意使用Instagram有一大原則:沒有什麼既定的手法。如同Instagram社群與合作關係主管Josh Riedel所說:「用就對了,別害怕向使用者分享照片,接著再看看粉絲對這些照片有什麼看法。」


cacaFly 是 Facebook台灣廣告代理商




邱繼弘表示,目前Facebook可購買的廣告版位有兩種,一種是首頁廣告(Premium Ads),另一個則是出現在非首頁右邊側欄的自助式廣告(Marketplace Ads)。前者等級較高,需透過業務人員購買,後者則讓廣告主自行透過線上廣告系統刷卡購買,目前以美元計價。

1.按讚式廣告(Like Ad):在廣告下方放一個「讚」的按鈕,廣告同時會顯示哪些朋友也按了讚
2.活動式廣告(Event Ad):以活動邀請的形式出現在首頁
3.票選式廣告(Poll Ad):舉辦問卷式的投票活動,廣告訊息置入在問題或選項中
4.影音廣告(Video Commenting):在廣告中嵌入影音,播放影音時,整個首頁背景會變暗
5.贊助商廣告(Sponsored Stories):把A朋友在廣告主粉絲專頁的互動,發布到B朋友的動態消息中
6.應用程式廣告(Ads for Apps):廣告主自製應用程式




三月初Facebook買下了手機群組訊息服務商 Beluga,Beluga是由3位Google的前員工所創立的,分別是:Ben Davenport, Lucy Zhang 及 Jonathan Perlow,聽說Facebook是為了這三位員工以及他們在群組訊息方面的技術所以才決定買下Beluga的。


2011年3月9日 星期三


交通顛峰時間,就算有地圖和導航系統,遇上塞車的話,還是會被困在車陣中動彈不得,Google地圖導航帶你避開塞車Google Maps Navigation軟體,現在因此將根據距離和預期交通流量,來指引用戶最快到達目的地,不過可惜的是,此功能只限於在導航及即時交通資料都可獲得的北美及歐洲可以使用。




2011年3月8日 星期二


4、Mobile App
5、App 行動廣告


麻省理工學院(MIT)資科系學生休斯頓(Drew Houston)就時常遇到這樣的狀況,也因此觸發他創業的念頭。

休斯頓在波士頓的火車站開始寫下第一行程式,但很快的,他便意識到這個服務可以讓不少人也跟著受益。他和現任技術長的費爾多西(Arash Ferdowsi)共同創業,發展名為Dropbox的線上檔案儲存與分享服務。


2007年6月,他們獲得了Y Combinator提供的種子基金。同年9月,又從Sequoia Capital、Accel Partners和Amidzad Partners得到720萬美元的融資。Dropbox在2008年的TechCrunch50大會正式發表,立刻獲得一陣好評。


在推廣Dropbox的過程中,執行長休斯頓坦承用過很多方法,包括聘請公關公司和購買Google AdSense關鍵字廣告,但是這些措施的效益都不明顯。反而是病毒式行銷和口碑行銷,幫了Dropbox一個大忙。每個Dropbox的用戶可獲得免費的2GB空間,只要推薦一名好友成功註冊,就可增加250MB的儲存空間。

積極參加各類創業大賽也是惠而不費的宣傳手法。Dropbox就成功贏得了Crunchies 2008 Award的最佳新創業產品大獎,隔年又獲得最佳網路應用獎,也成功帶來大量的名氣,更吸引主流媒體爭相報導。


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